Will there be Sex Robot Prostitutes?

Yup, most likely.

In fact, I think we will see the majority of sex robot users paying per hour rather than buying their own sex robot.

Hard to imagine right? I mean, would you use another man’s fleshlight? Probably not, but with sex robots it will be different, at least in the beginning. Hear me out here…

If you read my guide to sex robots in 2017 you will know that the first sex robots to hit the market are expected to cost about $15,000.  Most people do not have a sex robot budget, and if they do it most likely is not 15k.  Because of the high price tag, most want-to-be sex robot owners will simply not be able to afford their own.

Therefore, full sex robot ownership in the early stages will be limited to only people that have an extra $15,000 to spend.  Considering that the average American has less than $1,000 savings, the pool of potential buyers is quite small.  Inversely, we can take this to mean that a large portion of people that want a sex robot (or at least try having sex with one) will not be able to afford their own.

Therefore, we will see one of two things happen:

Lenders will allow people to buy their own sex dolls on credit, to be paid back with interest of course.


Wealthy “pimps” will purchase their own harems of sex robots and rent them out to men who want to have sex with them.

Hell, companies in Japan are already doing this with Sex Doll Rental and Delivery Services.

Pros of Sex Robot Prostitutes

  1. They never get tired, burnt out, aged, or fat like real life prostitutes. They can literally go all night and day without a word of complaint.
  2. You want have to worry about them leaving you to work for another pimp.
  3. Men who can’t afford a sex robot with be able to try having sex with one.
  4. Less chance of the customer being blackmailed or extorted for more money (the sex robot won’t threaten to call your wife).
  5. Currently sex with a robot is not necessarily illegal or thought of as morally wrong, compared with real prostitution which is illegal in many countries.

Cons of Sex Robot Prostitutes

  1. Could be less hygienic in practice, unless thoroughly cleaned by someone.  See recent news article on Sex Robots and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  2. Fixing wear and tear from use may be expensive to the owner.
  3. For the customer, less interactive sexual experience when compared with a real woman.  This divide will lessen, and even reverse as sex robot technology improves.

Did I miss anything? Would you pay for an hour with a sex robot?



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