Will Sex Robots Replace Women?

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Will sex robots replace women? This is the question that many people are asking themselves. Nowadays, working men are so busy to a point where they don’t have time to socialize. There is also a group of men who are very shy and don’t know how to approach women. So, the idea of sex robots is a sign of relief to these men.

When it comes to sex, men can be grouped into two categories. There are those that don’t care about the person that they sleep with and the ones that care. Actually, majority of them can do anything just to have sex with the woman that they desire.

Well, it looks like real women are going to be replaced with sex robots. Sex robots are considered to be the future and scientists believe that they will help in reducing rape cases and abuse to women. In fact, studies show that soon men will have difficulties differentiating between real women and sex robots.

Dr. Trudy Barber, an expert on the effects of technology on sex, says that the way technology is changing and evolving it won’t be long before people start to rely on machines for sex. In simple words, Dr. Barber believes that sex between married couples will only be saved for special days as sex toys will be used to satisfy our daily sexual needs.

Dr. Barber also said that 25 years from now, sex toys will be a normal thing. Many people will own sex toys and use them often. The people who are against this amazing innovation now will soon appreciate and accept them as an alternative to women. He went ahead and said that sex robots will actually make real relationships (relationships between real men and women) more interesting and valuable.

The Young Turks examine if Sex Robots will make real women obsolete.

Currently, there are special machines that men can have sex with but they are somewhat expensive. Sex robots will be more like the real women and they will also be pocket friendly. Actually, a man that goes by the name Ricky Ma made a sex robot at the comfort of his home. The robot looked more like a real woman and was later discovered to resemble Scarlett Johannson (the actress). What’s more interesting is the fact that there is nothing that Scarlett can do about Ricky Ma’s innovation.

The robot was programmed to answer simple questions such as “you are very cute” and “you are beautiful”. So, in addition to smiling, she can also respond to some questions. This innovation brought a heated debate to the way women are treated as “sex machines” or “beautiful creatures” whose sole purpose is to please men.

So, where does this sex robot innovation leave real women? Will sex robots replace women? Of course women have a reason to worry, parents have a reason to worry as they are not sure whether or not they daughters will have a stable healthy relationship and possibly get married someday. What’s even more disappointing is the significant amount of money that is being used to create these sex robots.

Right now, there are many important things that need money. For example, we know that our climate poses a risk and we need to do something about it. So, instead of spending a lot of money to satisfy men, there is so much that needs to be done. We all know that the introduction of porn made people to look at women in a different way. So, it’s terrifying to think about sex robots and the effect that it will have on women.

According to Whitby, there is a good chance that men will also start to abuse these robots sexually. Just like video games, sex robots can also be misused or abused physically. According to Dr. Kathleen, an expert in the field of robotics, a sex robot will simply be an object for men to satisfy their needs. She argues that women are special creatures and should not be treated as sex objects. Prostitutes and porn stars are told or coerced to behave in a certain way so that they can attract men and get paid. Real women have their own minds, feelings, desires and taste. So, if there are a few men out there who cannot approach women and be patient, then there is a good reason why sex robots should be created.


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