The Versa Sex Machine In-Depth Review

versa sex machine

While there are tons of products in today’s market to cater to your sexual requirements, very few can actually live up to what they claim. But don’t worry! The Versa Sex Machine has been specifically designed to fulfill you sexual desires to give you the ultimate orgasmic pleasure. This genuine fuck machine allows you to make the most of numerous positions as well as endless possibilities when it comes to erotic, sensual bliss. Here is a review of the Versa Sex Machine that will help you discover how you can obtain sexual gratification through this amazing fuck machine.

Screaming Orgasms Guaranteed

Make your wild imagination come true with this incredible sex machine that is fully equipped to tilt both vertically as well as horizontally to offer maximum satisfaction in any angle you want. This power packed thrusting machine features a dildo made from high quality silicone that gives you the freedom of adjusting the penetration speed while simultaneously stimulating to satiate your sexual needs. Get ready to scream orgasmic thrill with this efficient and mighty sex machine. Sexual pleasure that you have never experienced before is fully guaranteed!

It is the ideal partner that will make you reach new levels of excitement, whether you prefer anal or vaginal penetration. Catering to the needs of both women and men with or without partner, this extraordinary fuck machine knows exactly how to deliver intense orgasms in a comforting and satisfying manner. You might not be able to handle the squirting orgasms that gush out of the vagina as it pounds its way to make your erotic fantasies come true.

When using the Versa Sex Machine you are given the power to decide what kind of penetration you prefer. The climax that you will achieve with this awesome machine cannot be best described in words. With the ability to deliver 300 strokes in every minute, you can rest assured that unbelievable orgasms are sure to occur.

Moreover, it also features an 8-inch extension rod along with support pads that keep the machine secure and stable, enabling you to comfortably enjoy the sensual experience. So, be prepared for a wild ride on this sex machine that will make you want to never leave its side.

Why Purchase the Versa Sex Machine?

The biggest question that comes across your mind when you read this review is why should you opt for this sexually-fulfilling penetration powerhouse? Well, here are some major advantages of choosing Versa by LoveBotz Sex Machine for rejuvenating your sexual desires.

Multiple Speed Options

Everyone enjoys different strokes during their erotic moments, which is why this sex machine has been packed with the efficiency of reaching as many as 300 strokes or thrusts in one minute’s time frame. And these strokes can be slow or intense, depending on your preference, but one thing for sure is that the dildos used to deliver the thrusting (both for anal and vaginal penetration) are massive and extremely pleasure-giving. The powerful motor used in this machine has the ability to deliver the strokes under your control of speed and penetration depth, giving you full freedom to seek orgasm the way you desire.

Extremely Stable

There is no doubt that this sex machine is highly stable and secure while being used for giving pleasure to your sensual parts. To ensure that the machine hits the exact erotic spot without any difficulty, the creator, LoveBotz, provides a separate extension rod of 8-inch length as well as grip-tight pads for support. This will help you securely place the machine in the position that helps you achieve amazing orgasms.

Compatible With Vac-U-Lock

This machine does not just feature an impressive penis dildo, but also provides you with an anal dildo to spice up your sexual activity on the machine. Moreover, the machine is Vac-U-Loc dong/dildo compatible for which there is an adapter on the base of the anal dildo. You can replace the anal dildo with a Vac-U-Loc attachment (compatible) to experiment with your sexual activities using this machine.

Expandable Dildo

Oh! You can also expand the length of the penis dildo from its stroke range of 10 inches to 18 inches with the help of the 8-inch extension rod. So, this gives you the opportunity to place the machine in any vertical or horizontal position to sexually gratify you in a way you have not experienced before.

Versatile in Penetration

The machine also comes with easy-twist knobs that give you the advantage of quickly changing the angles to position the dildo for maximum pleasure. These easy-twist knobs are connected to the penetration rod so that it can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally when you are sitting, standing, kneeling or squatting. The vibrating remote also gives you total control over the speed that you want during the penetration to make the moment as erotically satisfying as possible.

Safe Machine

Two attachments feature in this machine that ensures that the machine is securely locked in its position without disturbing the anal or the penis dildo. The anti-slip base of the machine adds to its stability so that you don’t undergo any painful experience while using this machine. Your sexual needs will be no longer an issue as this machine spins its way into your private parts.

Controllable Vibrator

The remote control that comes with this machine doubles up as a vibrator. This vibrating remote makes sure that you stay in control of the penetration speed and depth, while adding stimulation to your already excited erotic body parts. You get the pleasure of double penetration along with maximum orgasmic pleasure.

All these points show how efficient and useful this sex machine can prove to be when you are in desperate need of sensual gratification.

Impressive Features List

  • The thrust depth is adjustable and can reach a maximum speed of 300 strokes/thrusts in1 minute.
  • It can hit the right spot using its adjustable front and rear legs that have control over the thrusting angle.
  • You can modify this machine for penetration both vertically and horizontally.
  • The speed controller is corded and hand-held for you to be able to change the penetration depth and speed as and when you want.
  • It features 2 separate dildos in various sizes- a 6.5-inch anal dildo, and a 7-inch penis dildo.
  • The motor runs quietly as well as smoothly even at high speed.
  • The power cord is as long as 9 feet so that you can place it at a convenient area in your room.

Technical Specs

Read on to find out the exact dimensions of this product so that you can believe the fact that this sex machine can actually help you achieve great orgasms like never before.

  • Base Length of the machine is 17.5 inches with total length of 25 inches (arm included).
  • Base width of the machine is 12.75 inches.
  • Height of the machine is 19 inches.
  • The Penis Dildo has a length of 7 inches, diameter of 2 inches.
  • The Anal Dildo has a length of 6.5 inches, diameter of 1.5 inches.
  • Inner Stroke Length using the penis dildo -3 inches.
  • Outer Stroke Length using the penis dildo – 10 inches.
  • Inner Stroke length using the extension arm – 3 inches.
  • Outer stroke length using the extension arm- 18 inches.
  • Apart from this, the sex machine uses a power supply of 100-240 volts, 1.5 Amps and 50-60 Hz.
  • The machine works on a 0.5 HP and 40 in-lbs torque with 300 RPM.
  • The material used for making the machine is superior quality steel that is corrosion-resistant, and comes with black powder coating finish.
  • The penis dildo and anal penetrator are made from high quality silicone.
  • The weight of the machine is just 22 lbs.

Benefits of the Versa Sex Machine

  • Multiple speed options that can reach up to an impressive 300 strokes every minute
  • Adjustable both vertically and horizontally for maximum pleasure
  • Features an 8-inch extension rod for additional reach
  • Can be assembled easily and quickly
  • It is great both when slow and intense
  • Customer support, especially with reference to replacements, is praiseworthy

versa sex machine box

Inside The Box

So, when you have finally bought this ultimate sex machine for catering to your sexual urges, these are the things that you will find inside the box that is delivered at your doorstep:

The Sex Machine

This machine is designed in such a way that you can position it the way you want-both vertically and horizontally.

The Silicone Dildo

This 7-inch dildo comes with a 2-inch diameter, which makes its way better than an ordinary dildo.

Vibrating Remote (Dual-Use)

This device helps you to take control over the speed of strokes you want the sex machine to deliver, and also offers vibrating stimulation. The vibrating remote comes with a 4.5 inch insertable length and 1.35 inch diameter.

The Anal Dildo

The best part about this sex machine is that it also features a 6.25-inch anal dildo that has been specifically designed to deliver anal penetration. This dildo can be easily inserted and comes with 1.5-inch diameter as well as 6.25-inch length. This dildo’s base features a Vac-U-Loc compatible adapter so that you can use a separate Vac-U-Loc dong or dildo along with this machine (you need to buy the Vac-U-Loc dong/dildo separately).

An 8-inch Extension Rod

You can also increase the stroke length to improve the positioning versatility of the machine or to enhance the penetration by using this 8-inch extension rod.

Tips That Will Help You Use This Fuck Machine Efficiently

You may be at a loss about how to use this machine once you have bought it. There are a number of points that can help you use this machine efficiently, helping you gratify your sensual longings. Take a look at the following guidelines that will help you make the most of this sex machine:

Lubricant Application

Use the lubricant generously. Getting wet will help you achieve maximum satisfaction, and will also keep you from chafing.

Getting Used To The Machine

You must ensure that you are able to use the machine properly. For this, not only do you need to find a comfortable space, but also learn the right position to use the sex machine to its fullest potential.

Secure Positioning

Again, you need to take care that the machine is kept in a stable position on a flat surface so that it does not keep sliding away from its position. An unstable machine poses the risk of causing painful poking when you shift during penetration.

Living Your Imagination

The best part about using this machine is that you don’t have to be monotonous. You can create your own ways of spicing up your time spent on the machine. However, you must first get used to the machine and then consider using stimuli such as bondage or blindfolds.

Cleaning The Machine

Don’t forget to keep your machine clean. Although, it is not a point to be mentioned but you should still be reminded of cleaning up the sex machine after every use. You don’t want to be kept waiting because you have not sanitized the machine after the previous use.

Final Words

Explore newer ways to kink up your sexual desires with the Versa Sex Machine by LoveBotz. This state-of-the-art fuck machine does not just give freedom to your hands, but also frees up your imagination to go as wild as you want. Everything that you expect from your sex partner can be easily and satisfactorily delivered by this machine. And after reading the review, you can count on the effectiveness and safety aspects of making this sex machine a part of your life.

You no longer need a human to help you experience unimaginably exciting orgasm with this machine in your room. And you can use it as discreetly as you want, whenever you long to satisfy your erotic urges. Reaching climax has never been more exciting and sensational, and that too with full guarantee of fulfilling and satisfying orgasms. With so many advantages, and amazing features, there is no reason why you should not opt for the Versa Sex Machine for reviving your carnal desires.

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