Top 5 Sex Machines – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Top 5 Sex Machines 2017

Updated October 2017

While we wait for the first full-fledged sex robots to hit the market, sex machines are a great substitute that can give you the feel of sex with a real partner.  Also known as fuck machines, these powerful devices can love you for as long and as hard as you want.  There are sex machines for women, sex machines for men, and many can go either way with a quick change of attachments.  Sex machines for women typically have a dildo attachment, while fuck machines for men can be used with a silicone vagina attachment (or a dildo if you’re into that).

When first looking at purchasing a sex machine it is easy to be overwhelmed with choices.  We’ve done the work for you, we’ve researched, tested, and compiled the best 5 sex machines available for purchase on the web.  So, without further preamble, here is the list of top rated sex machines:

The Gigolo Sex Machine

The Gigolo Sex Machine

Sex Robot Informer Review Score: 10 out of 10

Branded as “The Lover That Never Stops”, for it’s price and performance the Gigolo Sex Machine is the best sex machine on the market today.  Boasting a wide range of settings for speed and thrust depth, this industrial grade sex machine will keep you writhing for as long as you want.  The attachments can be customized to pleasure both men and women, and all their preferences.

Features of the Gigolo Sex Machine
  • 16 different speeds so you can enjoy it slow & steady or fast & hard
  • Speed can be adjusted with remote control all the way up to 240 thrusts per minute.
  • 6 different thrusting depths, from 1 inch for “just the tip” and up to 4 inches for “all the way in”
  • Hit the perfect spot in multiple positions with the fully adjustable design
  • Works with any Vac-U-Lock sex toy; 8-inch realistic dildo included (8in length, 1.5in width)
  • Enjoy long-lasting fun with the heavy-duty metal base and chassis
  • Be discreet with a smooth running and ultra-quiet motor
  • Never run out of juice with the electric powered motor, or take it on the road with the included 12-volt batteries
  • Size and weight of product: 12 inches wide by 17 inches high by 38 inches long.  Weighs about 20 pounds for easy carrying and storage

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See the Gigolo in action:

The Versa Sex Machine

The Versa Fuk Machine

Sex Robot Informer Review Score: 8 out of 10

Read our Full In-Depth Versa Sex Machine Review

If you’re not willing to splurge on the Gigolo Sex Machine, the Versa Sex Machine is a close second and comes in at a lower price point.  You’ll find that the Versa Sex Machine has all the same basic functionality as the Gigolo but lacks the range of speed and thrust depth settings.  However, this still a very highly reviewed sex machine that will get the job done over and over again.  The Versa Sex Machine also uses the Vac-U-Lock system so that you easily change attachments to accommodate both male and female users (requires separate purchase of vac-u-lock adapter).  This is the only machine that has the motor & outer skeleton designed & engineered especially to function in both horizontal & vertical positions.

Feature of the Versa Sex Machine
  • Adjustable thrust depth and speeds up to 300 thrusts per second
  • Hit the perfect spot with adjustable rear and front legs that control thrusting angle
  • Can be modified to thrust vertically as well as horizontally
  • Hand-held corded speed controller so you can change speed and thrust depth as you go
  • Comes with 2 dildos of different sizes, 7-inch pleasure cock and 6-inch anal tool
  • Comes with 9 foot power cord, no option for batteries
  • Motor is quiet and smooth when running at high speeds

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The Robo Fuk Adjustable Sex Machine

The Robo Fuk Sex Machine

Sex Robot Informer Review Score: 8 out of 10

The Robo Fuk Adjustable Sex Machine is always in the mood for love and ready to please both men and women.   Weighing just 9 pounds it easy extremely easy to move and store, but don’t let the small stature fool you, this machine packs punch.  The Robo Fuk is perfect for someone who wants an ultra-discreet, reliable, and lightweight sex machine.

Features of the Robo Fuk Adjustable Sex Machine
  • Thrusting arm locks into several angles for customizable penetration positions
  • Variable speed settings with a hand-held controller
  • Built to last with durable materials that run quiet at high settings
  • Comes with 2 attachments, a realistic 6.5 inches by 1.5 inch dildo, and a 6 inch deep vaginal attachment for men
  • Comes with 4 feet 8 inch power cord, no batteries required
  • Weighs 9 pounds, and is 20 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 7.25 inches tall
  • Ready to use out of the box, no assembly required

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The Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine

Fetish Fantasy Couples Sex Machine

Sex Robot Informer Review Score: 7.5 out of 10

This sex machine and it’s myriad of fun attachments is the perfect sex machine for couples looking to make their bedroom more interesting. This is more than just a sex machine, this is a romantic escape, this is having fun like teenagers again.

Features of the Fetish Fantasy Couple Sex Machine
  • Complete kit includes sex machine, two dildos, masturbator, storage bag, and other fun toys
  • Full range of speeds and thrusting depths controlled with a hand-held remote
  • 7 powerful and arousing thrusting patterns
  • Has a strong suction-cup base so that it can be mounted virtually anywhere for creative positions
  • Discreet and easy storage/transportation with the included storage bag
  • Comes with wall plug and batteries
  • Lightweight and compact, 16 inches long and 6 inches wide

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The Hismith Premium Sex Machine

The Hismith Sex Machine

Sex Robot Informer Review Score: 7 out of 10

Read our Full In-Depth Hismith Premium Sex Machine Review

The Hismith Premium Sex Machine is another notable machine on the market.  What sets the Hismith apart from other machines is the control it gives over penetration angle.  It is completely adjustable to hit any angle from parallel to 90 degrees.  The quality of the motor and parts is also very impressive, this thing will not quit.

Features of the Hismith Premium Sex Machine
  • High power 50-watt motor with various speed settings
  • Adjustable thrust depths between 1.18 to 5.9 inches
  • Full adjustable penetration angle anywhere from 0-90 degrees
  • Motor is very quiet and discreet even at high speeds
  • Comes with dildo, 7 inches long 1.38 inches wide
  • Add your own attachments with available vac-u-lock accessory
  • Comes with cord to plug into wall, no batteries required

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