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Sex Robot Prototype
Sex Robots have long been on the horizon as a “what if” or “can you imagine if”, but soon they will actually be a reality. This article will give you the current status of Sex Robots in 2017.  We will answer the following questions:



What is a Sex Robot?

A Sex Robot is an automated piece of technology that is designed to provide sexual pleasure to humans.  Sex Robots can take many forms, however when most people think of sex robots they think of human looking machines with some sort artificial intelligence that will allow it to provide realistic lifelike sex to humans.


The History of Sex Robots is quite extensive and they have been a human fantasy for quite some time.  Sex robots are so intriguing the sexually minded human because of their potential to provide lifelike sex and emotional intimacy essentially on-demand.  Past and present iterations, although still pleasurable have fell short of providing the full human sexual experience but we are certainly getting closer and closer.


Sex Robots have also been featured and imagined in various forms of pop-culture (see: Sex Robots in Pop-Culture).


There have also been numerous non-fiction books and academic studies that have analyzed the relationship between humans and sex robots (see: Books and Studies about Sex Robots).


When will Sex Robots be released and available to purchase?

This is a great time in sex robot history, with advances in silicone materials, robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, the first generation of passable sex robots are right around the corner.  Companies like Abyss Creations (aka RealDoll)  have promised the public that their sex robots will be available for purchase at some point in 2017.


For the impatient, there are also many options that give a realistic partially-robotic sex experience.  These options are less-immersive but they are certainly still very realistic and pleasurable.  In addition, they are available now and for a lesser cost than a full sex robot.  To find out more scroll down to What alternatives are there to Sex Robots?


What will the first sex robot look like?

The first humanoid sex robot will most likely look like improved versions of the high-end sex dolls of today.  Here are some photos of sex robot prototypes:
sex robot picture
Sex Robot Prototype


What features will the first sex robot come with?

The first generation of sex robots will not be the fully automated humanoid robots that we have seen depicted in fictional works or our own imaginations, but they will be a step in that direction.  They will feature highly realistic synthetic skin, body shapes, faces, and genitalia, just like the sex dolls of today.  In addition they will have new features like self-warming genitals, configurable personality software, voice recognition and response, and sensors to detect touch.


Self-Warming Genitalia – One of the most common complaints I hear from sex doll owners is the libido killing feel of a cold vagina.  To remedy that many doll owners will warm their doll’s body with hot water or a separate heating element (basically a heating dildo that plugs into the wall).  The first sex robots will have this functionality built in, when they are interacting with their owner in a sexual way, the heating element will activate to make sure that the genitals are warm for use.


Configurable Personality Software – Sex robot heads will essentially contain a mini-computer that will act as the brain.  It will be the hub of all functions for the doll, including the ability to customize the doll’s personality.  Sex robot owners will be able to fine-tune their bedroom and social experience with their sex robot, for example some may want a more dominant robot in bed, someone who will talk dirty to them and tell them what to do.  Others may prefer a more docile companion, someone who submits to their will and fulfills their requests.  These, and many other shades of personality, will be available for the sex robot owners to choose from.


Sex Doll and soon-to-be Sex Robot company RealDoll has announced in early 2017 that they are working on an app that will give personalities to sex dolls.  This early Artificial Intelligence technology means that current sex doll owners will be able to interact and converse with the sex dolls they already own.  Read more about the Sex Doll Artificial Intelligence App.


Voice Recognition and Response – The computer located in the sex robot’s head will also be able to recognize certain speech patterns and respond accordingly.  The will be a major improvement from the inanimate sex doll experience because the robot will be able to vocally respond to your cues, or provide cues for you to respond to.  Many people will tell you the best part about sex with another human being is seeing and hearing the other person react to the pleasure you are providing, sex robots will now be able to provide that feedback (albeit in a much simpler way).


Touch Sensing – The first sex robots will have sensors embedded under their skin to detect human touch.  The doll will be able to react verbally and physically to the stimulation the owner provides.  For example, if the owner begins to caress the robot is a sexual way (foreplay if you will), the doll will be able to respond enthusiastically to your touch, and their genitals may begin to warm up.  This will make the sexual experience more interactive in that the dolls will be able to respond to receiving pleasure rather than just providing pleasure.  Sex with a sex robot will become a two-way street of give pleasure-take pleasure, rather than just a one-way street of the owner receiving all the pleasure.


What will sex robot artificial intelligence be like?

Artificial intelligence of sex robots will be relatively primitive initially.   They will have simple voice recognition capabilities so that they can respond to verbal cues.  They will also be configurable in order to have certain personalities.  Overtime the quality of the AI will improve and will become more and more human like.  Right now there are companies working solely on the Artificial Intelligence aspect, but they are not perfecting the physical aspect of sex robots like Abyss Creations is.  It will take time for those two fields to unite and create a fully human-like sex robot.


If you’re curious about companies developing Artificial Intelligence that will be capable of getting emotionally involved with humans beings, please check out our page dedicated to Artificial Intelligence as it applies to sex and romantic human relationships.


Where can I buy a Sex Robot?

The first sex robot to be released by Abyss Creations in late-2017/early-2018 will be available for purchase on


How much will a Sex Robot Cost?

Initial estimates from Abyss Creations indicate that the early releases of sex robots will cost about $15,000.


What alternatives are there to Sex Robots?

Despite all the advances in Sex Robot technology we are still a handful of years away from having a consumer-priced fully automated humanoid sex robot.  If you don’t want to wait that long or save that much money to buy an early model, what other options do you have?  Here are some sex robot alternatives that will get you part of the sex robot experience without the delay or price tag.


Life-size Silicone Sex Dolls – Sex dolls have all the physical attributes that a sex robot will have.  They are made with lifelike synthetic skin that feels real to the touch, they are modeled to resembles beautiful men and women with ideal proportions, and they are more than able to provide sexual pleasure with their carefully shaped sex organs.  They are heavily customizable to achieve almost any look and body type the owner wishes.  The main lacking when compared to a sex robot is that they are not automated or endowed with any artificial intelligence, some imagination on the owner’s part is required.


A luxury sex doll will run you anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 and can be purchased from legitimate sources like and


Robotic Sex Toys – Hands-free sex toys can provide intense pleasure while the user can sit back and enjoy the ride.  These come in the form of vibrators and sex machines for women, and vibrating or robotic masturbators for men.


Virtual Reality Sex – In a similar state as sex robots, virtual reality sexual experiences are still in an early-stage but are improving rapidly.  For more information checkout out our Virtual Reality Sex page.


Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence via chat bot or voice AI can be pleasurable in it’s own right.  It requires some imagination but there are many who find it a worthwhile experience.  You can browse and interact with sex AI chat bots here.

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