Silicon Wives Review – Is A Scam or Legit?

auburn doll from silicon wives

Short Answer

I purchased a sex doll from Silicon Wives in December 2017 and she arrived in 3 weeks looking exactly like the product photos. I am happy with my purchase – Silicon Wives is a legitimate sex doll company (my opinion & experience)

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Introduction – My Background

Sex dolls had over the years been seen as a taboo with most people being afraid of talking about them in public. However, in the recent past, things have really changed and the once forbidden topic has been steadily embraced which has led to the sex dolls gaining immense popularity. The admiration can be attributed to several factors, some of which include their incomparable flexibility as well as their availability in varying shapes and sizes. These pleasure gods have a hoard of benefits and with the right maintenance, these magical dolls can give you an unmatched sexual experience for a good duration of time.

Apart from the obvious sexual experience that the sex doll will provide you, the doll is probably the most submissive and compliant partner that you can ever have. They are always ready for you and at no time will they nag you. Another advantage of the dolls is the fact that they are considerably safer to have sex with as compared to patronizing the brothels for escorts. Even more amazing, the doll is purely untouched and remains a virgin until the day you buy her. Additionally, Sex dolls are therapeutic and the ideal alternative for those that have had terrible experiences in their past relationships to acclimatize gradually and get back to the dating world (that was definitely what I wanted).

Just like most other middle-aged men, I had gone through a couple of dreadful relationships that left me frustrated and not willing to ever commit again (at least that what I thought at the time). From petty disagreements to sickening disparities, I saw it all and was determined to end that life. However, I couldn’t think of a life without regular sex and not with an escort of course (I’m too nervous about escorts).

All along, I had been hearing a friend bluff about sex dolls (I thought of it as bluffing back then) and how amazing they were. How weird would one be? I always thought. But one day, out of boredom and curiosity, I decided to check on the internet for the ideal sex toy that would quench my sexual thirst that had run for almost a year now, little did I know that this would be the first time that I would actually have interest in trying out with a life-size love doll.

And so, on my search bar I typed “where to buy a realistic sex doll” and from the list of web pages that popped, one struck my eyes and truly captured my attention, Their 2018 Sex Doll Buyer’s Guide was very helpful in teaching me about all the different types of dolls on the market. So, I decided to check out the page and what I saw instantly inspired trust and confidence.

sex doll buying guide

Why I Chose A Doll From Silicon Wives

The website has a wide range of sex dolls, ranging from torsos, mini dolls and life-size sex dolls, which truly made it difficult for me to decide which one to settle (I mean, there’s literally something for everyone). The website is designed in a unique style that is attractive and packed with information. The blog and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections house exceptional pieces and leads related to buyer safety and the benefits of using sex dolls, I was definitely provided with every piece of information that I needed to make the decision on the website. Pretty amazing!

Their sex dolls are made from the best lifelike materials (silicone and thermoplastic elastomer -TPE) which have been tried and tested over the years and whose ultra-soft sensation will greatly make the experience even more pleasurable. The website also has guides that will help you select the best sex doll for you; one that matches your taste and preference. Another part of the website that inspired trust in me was the fact that all the information regarding the sex dolls was openly and clearly spell out. The prices, payment methods, sex doll material, photos and the care and maintenance guidelines were clearly put on the website.

Far from all that, the most amazing about is the fact that they provide the buyer with an option of alternatively requesting a custom-made sex doll tailored to their satisfaction. Remarkable. Right? Comparing the product quality and the prices of the dolls that are offered for sale on the platform, definitely offers the best value for your money.

The Pre-Order Customer Service

Having seen countless sex dolls that are on the website, I really needed some human support to make a few clarifications for me. The website has a live chat feature that is very helpful and always a concern for me whenever I am transacting business online. I was quick to send a message to the other line but what I did not expect happened. Fraser (the helpline guy) who was really resourceful, cool and helpful replied to my message in a span of less than a minute (how luckier could one be). Fraser addressed all my concerns and the assurance and determination of his messages was more than enough to convince me to buy from

After consulting with Fraser who diligently guided me and helped me pick the sex doll that matched my likings, I settled on the Red Head doll, Auburn. My decision was solely based on her short height, slender body and the perfect ass that the doll exhibits (my perfect combination in a woman). Described as an agile girl with an avid sexual craving, the Auburn was what all I needed. This gorgeous sex goddess is made of human-like soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material and is always ready to deliver sexual pleasure to you at any time with the mouth, vagina or ass.  The movable joints and steel skeleton improve its flexibility.

Another thing truly got my attention was the 10% discount that the website gives to the buyers just for signing up for the website’s newsletter. also has an amazing variety of payment options which are flexible and ones that give the buyer the choice to use their most preferred.

My Decision To Buy

Finally, I bought the Auburn Red head and I couldn’t wait to actually lay my hands on the sexual goddess. The period between buying the doll and actually receiving it is definitely the most tormenting time. What if it was a scam? What if the doll doesn’t resemble the one that I ordered? I was worried sick about what would happen and what would not. However, Fraser (my rescuer) was again there with his word of assurance and made me believe that everything will be alright.

auburn sex dolls from silicon wives
I settled upon a 157cm B-cup doll named Auburn

The Post-Order Customer Service

Throughout the three weeks that it took to get the amazing Auburn Fraser never failed to update me on the proceedings and the status of my order. I also had the shipment tracking information which I used to track the package right to my doorstep.

Arrival Day – First Impressions

The day that I was eagerly waiting for finally came; FedEx guys were at my door with a large package and a checklist that I signed to confirm receipt of the doll. The packaging was done in a discrete manner as the package was unlabeled and unmarked which I found great and considerate of customer privacy.

The package from China was very heavy which I for some reason found encouraging (funny. Right?). I couldn’t wait to unbox my pleasure goddess. The packaging was done in a way that simplifies unboxing as I only used a pair of scissors. The swift process was one that I was most afraid of as it was the one that would determine whether the whole process was worthwhile or not.

I was optimistic though and true to Fraser’s word, every aspect of the sex doll ranging from the quality to the size and the attractiveness matched that which I had seen in the photos and description on the website (I was the happiest).

Having seen that the product quality of the doll matched the description on the website, my next move was definitely to affirm the sexual capabilities. All its orifices were functional and human-like and the overall experience was overwhelming., The doll is incomparably flexible and its lifelike thermoplastic elastomer made the sex amazing.

Additionally, cleaning the doll after use was very easy thanks to helpful guides on the blog.

Conclusion – My Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the whole experience with was an amazing one. From helping me choose the perfect sex doll for me to responding to my multiple messages in an honest and timely manner, I was delighted. The website is amazing and the company places the consumer’s needs into consideration. Thanks to Fraser, my first experience buying a sex doll was a smooth one, something that is amazing considering the rising cases of scam and manipulation. I would most definitely recommend to anyone in need of a sex doll. They are industry professionals and they will ensure that you get value for your money.

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