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  • love and sex with robots

    The third annual Love And Sex With Robots Conference held in London, UK on December 19, 20 was moved to a secret location after threat of Islamic terror action. The conference, originally set to be held at  Goldsmiths University, was relocated to an undisclosed location is north London. The International Business Times reports: Professor Adrian David Cheok told the Daily Star that Malaysian police had tipped him off about threats from Muslim extremists, who consider sex robots an abomination. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told IBTimes UKthe threat did not appear to have been reported locally – although we are still waiting for them to confirm […]

  • blowjob robot machine review

    Meet the robot that gives a blowjob almost as good as the real thing In recent years, sex toy manufacturers have come up with some great blowjob robots but the Autoblow 2 has to be the best yet. Let’s be honest for one second. For us guys, there is nothing better in this world than getting a really good blowjob. It might sound a little crass but the truth is the truth. Getting a good blowjob is not only enormously exciting and pleasurable but also actually helps to relax guys and reduce stress as well. It doesn’t take a survey to discover that men would […]

  • Realbotix has just unveiled their latest sex robot prototype.  They’ve been on a multi-year journey to create a full fledged sex robot with Harmony 3.0 being their latest milestone. Like we predicted in our article titled Sex Robot Vagina Technology: What’s in the Pipeline? the main improvements included in Harmony 3.0 are her self-lubricating vagina and self-warming skin. According to Matt McMullen the founder of Realbotix, Harmony 3.0 will go on sale at the end of 2017 at their website While you’re waiting for Harmony 3.0 to be released, you can checkout the Harmony AI app to interact with the artificial intelligence that will be available […]

  • sex robot cost

    The release of the first ever robotic sex doll ‘Harmony’, in April of this year made headlines around the world and heralded the birth of the robot sex doll revolution. The basic ‘sex doll’ has been around for years, back nin the early 1900’s, painter Oskar Kokoschka famously had a life-sized sex doll made of a woman he was obsessed about. He would bring the doll to parties and other social events, something which caused outrage in turn of the century Viennese society. It was only in recent times that dolls soared in popularity, as the sex accessory industry moved towards a much broader level […]

  • new sex robot for sale

    Silicon Wives has just launched the first mass-market sex robot in the USA.  Emma is an intelligent sex robot that is an excellent improvement from their luxury sex doll products.  She comes with an impressive warranty, 24/7 technical support, and free software upgrades for life. Emma the Sex Robot’s Key Features: Beautiful appearance and material quality – High-grade TPE material that is resistant to damage, tears, and staining.  Body shapes and faces modeled after real women to ensure that your experience is as realistic as possible. Touch Sensing Technology – Emma will respond to your touch all over her body, her moans will intensify as you give […]

  • FRR Report: Our Sexual Future With Robots Cover Image

    The Foundation for Responsible Robotics recently released a comprehensive consultation report titled Our Sexual Future with Robots. The goal of the report is to provide an objective overview of issues and opinion about the future of human relations with sex robots.  The report specifically focuses on what could happen in the next 5-10 years. Here are some of the questions that are posed and addressed in the report: 1. Would people have sex with a robot? 2. What kind of relationship can we have with a robot? 3. Will robot sex workers and bordellos be acceptable? 4. Will sex robots change societal perceptions of gender? […]

  • man having picnic with sex robot

    In a world where most aging female academics are warning against the dangers of sex robots, Barbara Kay, a former professor at Concordia University, has surprised us with a positive prediction for sex robots.  Her recent article titled “Barbara Kay: Bring on the sex robots and make our world a better place” is a refreshing take on the benefits that sex robots will have for the world.  She begins with the following statement: In the case of controversial sex bots, which seem to me a victimless fetish, I find myself remarkably unoffended, even somewhat boosterish at their potential for alleviating human distress. Instead of feeling […]

  • male sex robot

    Life in contemporary times witness a massive advancement of science and technology and people are making use of this technology in various forms, starting from the point of meeting the basic necessities to much advanced level, wherein the use is made to reap excitement and enjoyment in the course of daily life. One of the most fascinating application in that regard is that of the Male Sex Robots. This article will provide an overview of male sex robots as well as discuss the merits and demerits the give the reader a comprehensive overview about the topic. What are Male Sex Robots? As you can make […]

  • man alone on beach

    There is no doubt that sex robots are going to be the future of sex for many of those men who want to MGTOW! Although they are not widely known about yet, they are increasing in popularity and being advanced upon every single year by creators to make them even more amazing than what they currently are. They are like nothing that has ever been done before and can greatly benefit a wide range of guys who are looking to get out of the dating game and do it alone! Let’s take a further look at exactly what they are including how sex robots can […]

  • japanese sex robots

    Surprisingly enough, the biggest tech trend of 2017, and the years beyond it, may not be a new smart phone, enhanced vehicle, or more powerful tablet, but a rapidly developing technology that connects with humanity on a much baser level. Sex robots are now being produced by a multitude of companies around the world, and are growing more and more realistic, and popular, with every incarnation. Japanese sex robots are leading the way in the market, with ethnically designed robots that look, feel, and act, just like a flesh and blood human beings. Below, we’ll take a look at the growing industry of conjoining technology […]

  • austin powers sex robot

    Will sex robots replace women? This is the question that many people are asking themselves. Nowadays, working men are so busy to a point where they don’t have time to socialize. There is also a group of men who are very shy and don’t know how to approach women. So, the idea of sex robots is a sign of relief to these men. When it comes to sex, men can be grouped into two categories. There are those that don’t care about the person that they sleep with and the ones that care. Actually, majority of them can do anything just to have sex with […]

  • sex robot artificial intelligence

    What is Sex Robot Artificial Intelligence? An artificially intelligent sex robot will usually have the ability to create some sort of emotional closeness with its user and also proceed through a number of romantic and family sex. Applications of Sex Robot Artificial Intelligence There are different kinds of sex robots in the mix made specifically for women’s pleasure. This sex robots reinforce heteronormativity the only sort of sex that happens is one particular man and 1 woman. There are different level of sophistication for sex robots and it has been established that some can and do respond to touch in different part of their body […]

  • sex robot vagina

    Sex Robot Technology is rapidly progressing, most of the focus right now is on mental capabilities like Artificial Intelligence, and external facial movements to give the dolls human-like personalities.  However, there is another important part of any sex robot which can’t be neglected.  We’re talking about the vagina. Currently, aside from one inventor who has endowed his sex robot prototype with a working ‘g-spot’, the sex robot vagina is inanimate.  Essentially, the sex robot vagina is a textured silicone sleeve, an embedded Fleshlight.  One can’t complain, it certainly gets the job done and is a welcome change from one’s hand, but it could (and will) […]

  • There is a race for who can develop and release the first commercially available sex robot.  Companies in the race have revealed a few prototypes and concepts, but they have not started selling their creations en masse just yet.  The winner of the race, assuming their product is good, will have a huge market potential.  The sex technology marketing is worth tens of billions, and market research indicates the male demand for sex robots will be near infinite.  Many entrepreneurs are already planning how they can profit from the first sex robot with sex robot blowjob bars and sex robot prostitutes.  With so much opportunity […]

  • sex robots from real doll

    Sex robots are coming, this we know for certain.  One thing we don’t know if men will actually buy sex robots when they are commercially available.  One barrier to entry will be the cost.  The first versions of sex robots are expected to cost more than $10,000.  This price tag will likely keep most interested people on the sidelines as they wait for the price to decline. A likely alternative to this is that sex robots will be available by the hour, a kind of sex robot prostitution.  This will allow men who can’t afford a sex robot of their own, have access to one […]

  • Elon Musk on Sex Robots

    Famous billionaire entrepreneur and futurist Elon Musk was recent asked about Sex Robots in a recent interview with Vanity Fair. Sex Robots have been on the mind of Elon lately as his second-wife Talulah Riley played a sexbot in the hit HBO show Westworld.  Despire their separation he made the following comments about her performance, showing his enthusiasm for sexbots: Some of the future episodes of Westworld feature my ex. Talulah does a great job of playing a deadly sexbot 🙂 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 2, 2016 So it’s obvious that Elon Musk, someone who has certainly considered many future hypotheticals when it comes […]

  • Arlan Robotics

    In a fitting follow-up to our article predicting the rise of Sex Robot Blowjob Bars, Arlan Robotics has revealed their prototype for a Blowjob Sex Robot. Arlan Robotics is a new, seemingly one man operation, out of the UK.  They have developed a Blowjob Sex Robot named the Arlan Robotics Service Droid 1.0.   The developer of the company remarked that after discovering the primitive nature of current male sex toys, compared to the technology available today, he wanted to make something better for men to enjoy.  It looks like he is on his way to doing just that. Although a bit rough around the edges, you […]

  • sex robot blowjob bar

    Bradley Charvet wants to change men’s morning routines. The sex industry entrepreneur already caught the attention of people earlier this year with his plan to open up a fellatio cafe in Switzerland. Based off Thailand’s blowjob bars, the idea is that a guy can come in to order a cup of joe and an escort. The wrinkle at the center of Charvet’s vision: The escorts are robots. That means he can open in London and expand aggressively in countries with less permissive sex work legislation. The cafe will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and serve coffee, sex, and pastries. Charvet points to […]

  • Samantha Sex Robot

    Sergi Santos, a Spanish inventor from Barcelona has recently unveiled his sex robot prototype named Samantha.  The sex robot has the same sexy look as a full-size sex doll, but has an artificial intelligence personality, and skin sensors that allow it to respond to touch. Here’s what you need to know about Samantha the Sex Robot from Barcelona: Samantha is thin, with long legs and large breasts. She has long dark brown hair, tan complexion, and piercing green eyes. The Sex Robot has sensors embedded under her skin all around her body that respond to human touch. The sensors are even in her vagina, functioning as a G-Spot that […]

  • sex robot hackers

    Yes, I think sex robot owners should exercise some healthy concern for their privacy and security when purchasing a sex doll.  It is more than likely that future sex robots will be connected to the internet or your smart phone, this will obviously have many benefits for sex robot functionality, however it will also make your sex robot vulnerable to hacking attempts. On one hand your sex robot will have all the knowledge of the internet.  Imagine a lover who can read the entirety of the Kama Sutra in milliseconds, who can exactly reenact your favorite porn scenes, or who you can control remotely to be […]

  • child sex doll seized by police

    If given the option to purchase a childlike sex doll or sex robot, will pedophiles be able to satisfy their urges and not act upon human children? Pedophilia is a very unpleasant topic for most people, and evokes some strong emotions which makes calm objective discourse somewhat difficult.  But there is a problem here and real children are at risk of becoming victims.  We should explore every option available to us in order to keep our children safe, and child sex robots are one such option. Below I’ve summarized the cases for and against child sex robots as a cure for pedophilia. In support of […]

  • Image of man with sex robot

    Sex Robots do not quite exist yet, but we are very close.  Some estimates say the first sex robots will reach the public market by late-2017.  So sex robots are coming, but will men actually spend their money on them? The answer to that question is Yes. In a December 2016 survey of 263 men at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany a whopping 40% of men responded that they would “buy such a robot now or within the next five years.” To be clear, by “such robot” they meant android robots that are built to satisfy sexual needs aka a sex robot. The 40% figure […]

  • image of robot with real human skin

    Two biomedical scientists from the University of Oxford have stated in a recent publication that is possible for robots to be built with real human tissue.  They say that the technology to do this already exists if we only choose to develop it. The pair of researchers, Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy and Andrew Carr further state that humanoid robots could be the exact solution the medical community needs to create muscle and tendon grafts that actually work. Their research focuses more on the medical possibilities but it does not take too much brain power to extrapolate the implications this could have for the sex robot industry.  This […]

  • Sexually curious and horny men and women could soon be booking stays at sex robot hotels across the world.  These hotels will offer all the normal amenities of a normal hotel however the guests will be able to select from a wide array of sex robots to satisfy their desires. It is predicted that the first cities to offer these ‘robot brothels’ will be already sexually liberal cities like Amsterdam and other popular sex-tourism destinations like Thailand, Philippines, and Mexico. These new hotels will allow people to take a time-out from reality to explore their fantasies and blow off some steam.   After checking out […]

  • Source: The following are some choice excerpts from an article examining the potential for sex robots to spread sexually transmitted infections.  It shows that we still have a lot of research to do to make sure that sex robots can thoroughly clean themselves so as not to be a vehicle of disease. On the ineffectiveness of cleaning just the surface of a sex robot: “If the material of the sex toy is porous, a virus can hide in it,” Sloane tells Inverse. “A basic cleaning may not be sufficient. Even with a nonporous toy, if it’s used on someone else, it can also transmit […]

  • Yup, most likely. In fact, I think we will see the majority of sex robot users paying per hour rather than buying their own sex robot. Hard to imagine right? I mean, would you use another man’s fleshlight? Probably not, but with sex robots it will be different, at least in the beginning. Hear me out here… If you read my guide to sex robots in 2017 you will know that the first sex robots to hit the market are expected to cost about $15,000.  Most people do not have a sex robot budget, and if they do it most likely is not 15k.  Because of the […]

  • picture of a fucking machine

    In his publication titled Sex Machines: Photographs and Interviews Timothy Archibald meets with creators and users of sex machines to showcase their fascinating inventions and reasons behind the machines.  Here are some of the most interesting sex machines and owners in his book: “The Huskette” “The Thrill Hammer” “The One-Two Punch” “The Helping Hand” “The Kitchenaid Mixer” “The Wooden Saddle” “The Industrial Pounder” “The Coffin” “The Electric Chair” “The Rectal Exam” Bonus: “The Gag Order”    

  • robot romance mind reading

    This question may seem ridiculous, but many experts agree, this will one day be a legitimate feature of sex robots. As Sex Robot technology improves their ability to interact and emotionally bond with their owners will improve exponentially. It is very conceivable that one day sex robots will be better at romance, physically and emotionally, than any human alive. Leading human-robot relationship expert and futurist David Levy predicts that in time sex robots will actually be able to ‘read our minds’ to figure out the flirting and romance strategy that produces the most effect results. Sex Robots that can read minds? Pretty crazy, huh? Researchers have […]

  • Sex Robot Prototype

    Sex Robots have long been on the horizon as a “what if” or “can you imagine if”, but soon they will actually be a reality. This article will give you the current status of Sex Robots in 2017.  We will answer the following questions:   Contents: What is a Sex Robot? When will Sex Robots be released? Where can you buy a Sex Robot? How much will a Sex Robot cost? What will the first Sex Robot look like? What will Sex Robot Artificial Intelligence be like? What features will the first Sex Robot have? What alternatives are there to Sex Robots? What is a […]

  • Sex Robots Valentine's Day

    Unless you literally live under a rock it’s hard to escape the Valentine’s Day fervor that sweeps the US every February.  Given the buzz, being alone on the the big day can obviously be frustrating or even melancholic.  For years many have combated these feelings with plenty of alcoholic and self-pit, but what if there were another way? Well maybe there is… Martin Ford, author of Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, is quoted in the following passage: …Experts believe that soon we could have the ability to meet and interact in virtual reality environments. For example, on Valentine’s Day, […]