Sex Robot Prostitutes: A Glimpse of the Future in China’s Sex Doll Rental App

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The crowd-sharing economy has revolutionized many industries within the past decade.  Airbnb, the largest hotel company, doesn’t own any hotels.  Uber, the largest taxi company, doesn’t own any taxis.  We’ve seen the power of sharing a technology platform allows for it on a large scale.  What about sex robots?

In a previous article titled Will there be Sex Robot Prostitutes? we predicted that sharing of sex robots will one day be a reality.  The early commercially available sex robots will be very expensive and will therefore be out of reach for the average household budget.  It will be a great business for investors with large sums of money to purchase a ‘harem’ of sex robots and rent them out to individuals and cheaper hourly rates.  That arrangement will be our first case of sex robot prostitution.

Today, however, we are already seeing this type of sharing economy appearing with sex dolls, the less advanced precursor to sex robots.

Introducing Sex Doll Rental App ‘Touch’

Touch launched the service last Thursday, revealing five life-size silicone dolls that users could rent for 298 yuan ($45) a day. The dolls typically cost over 10,000 yuan ($1,500) each.

Touch touted the sex dolls as objects that could be used for “short term companionship.”

The sex doll sharing service was hoping to expand across China after a trial in Beijing but things didn’t go to plan. People reportedly complained to Chinese authorities that the company was a “bad influence on society.”

Unfortunately, as the above paragraph mentions, the app has been forced to suspend it’s service in China due to public outrage.  However, pandora’s box has been opened, and I believe we will see more and more of these apps being introduced across the globe in the coming years.

If you are impatient and don’t want to wait for a sex doll rental service to open in your area, you may consider purchasing your own lifesize sex doll from  They sell and ship Chinese sex dolls worldwide.

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