Ryan Davis Sex Doll: Has Jasmine Skit Made Love Dolls OK?

ryan davis sex doll

US comedian Ryan Davis’ sex doll YouTube comedy clip has caused quite a stir. It’s one of the few pieces of recent mainstream content that has focused on the lighter side of the sex doll industry, and appears to have struck a chord with many.

The skit starts out with him explaining how he maligned his friend for buying a sex doll – (the thick-butted Jasmine) until he saw her, at which point he became rather more accepting.

The more common tac for TV presenters, news reporters and YouTube ‘reactions’ videomakers is to exhibit shock or even disgust at such pleasure dolls. But Mr Davis, arguably, gave a more honest (male) reaction, couched though it was in a funny bit of monologue.

But has Ryan made sex dolls more acceptable?

Possibly – because he focuses on the fun, light-hearted aspect of love dolls – rather than the supposedly darker side. Of course, there is a darker side – chiefly dolls of the younger, illegal variety – but the overwhelming majority of sex doll lovers have a healthy, if imaginative, sex drive.

Some commentators suggest anyone who considers such a purchase is toying with the dark side – and harbours attitudes which are detrimental to women. But while there may be one or two such characters, it’s paranoid indeed to suggest all love doll buyers need to be locked up!

Free to enjoy our own thick Jasmines

Besides, we live in free countries where to prevent such purchases would be to go against the basic ideas of personal liberty that have made the USA, UK and Europe great. Who should say which inanimate objects we can put our tallywackers in?

So, Ryan may have done all doll lovers a service with his video about this delightful fat-bummed doll. But let’s not forget about the service he has done for sex doll companies; it’s conceivable that many such firms have seen a sales boost in recent weeks.

But the firm that makes the doll featured in Ryan’s video will be especially happy. He calls the chubby doll Jasmine, although she also goes by the name of Daphnee, Shakira, and other monikers, too.

Who is Jasmine?

Jasmine, now famous for her grey hooded top, gigantic breasts and thick butt, is a 163cm (5ft 4in) doll made of TPE (rather than silicone). This bubble-butt beauty weighs 107lbs (48.5kg) and is made by WM Dolls. You can find out more about this how to get Ryan Davis’ Jasmine sex doll ‘under your bed’ at whichsexdoll.com.

jasmine sex doll

Hopefully, Ryan Davis and others will make more funny, honest pieces of content regarding love dolls. Because these products are here for pleasure – and not only for men, either. Increasing numbers of women are finding out about male sex dolls. As time goes on and designs get even better, you can bet your last dime that plenty of women will start to love sex dolls too.

Many will look forward to a comedy video about a man sex doll, but perhaps it won’t be Ryan Davis who makes it!

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