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  • Blowjob Robot Review: The Autoblow 2 Robotic Blowjob Machine blowjob robot machine review

    Meet the robot that gives a blowjob almost as good as the real thing In recent years, sex toy manufacturers have come up with some great blowjob robots but the Autoblow 2 has to be the best yet. Let’s be honest for one second. For us guys, there is nothing better in this world than […]

  • Best Sex Toys For Couples In Long Distance Relationships long distance relationship

    Anyone who has ever had to endure a long distance relationship will tell you just how hard they can be. As time drags on, it gets increasingly hard to maintain the closeness that comes from being able to spend time together and physically interact with your partner. This can lead to all kinds of problems […]

  • Review of – Everything You Need to Know real teens vr logo

    Overview If you are looking for the pleasure of getting up close and personal with some gorgeous teens in virtual reality, then is definitely the place for you. Increasingly, technology is opening up doors to ever more realistic ways for humans to engage in sex without the need for a physical partner.  The advent […]

  • The Versa Sex Machine In-Depth Review versa sex machine

    While there are tons of products in today’s market to cater to your sexual requirements, very few can actually live up to what they claim. But don’t worry! The Versa Sex Machine has been specifically designed to fulfill you sexual desires to give you the ultimate orgasmic pleasure. This genuine fuck machine allows you to […]

  • The 2017 Hismith Premium Sex Machine Review hismith premium sex machine

    Introduction There is no doubt that sex machines have revolutionized the world of sex all over the world! They are increasing in popularity and they can help women (and men) fulfill their urges without the need for a guy in the physical form. Although they are more expensive than your more standard sex toys, they […]

  • Is the Fleshlight Launch Right For Me? Review of the Robotic Masterbater powered by Kiiroo fleshlight launch review

    Are you looking for the most advanced and pleasurable way to enjoy your free time? We are in the midst of a technological revolution where new self-pleasure products are being released left and right. The new release by Kiiroo, the Fleshlight Launch will take you to a new world of virtual sex. This product is […]

  • Top 5 Virtual Reality Headsets for Porn Best VR Porn headsets

    In recent years, the virtual reality industry has literally exploded in terms of inventions and innovations. Owing to this explosion in VR, we users have got the chance to view the action on the screen right before our eyes. Just like any other remarkable technology, from our age-old printing press to the VHS or the […]

  • Realbotix Harmony App Review and Walkthrough sex robot

    Realbotix has released the first version of their artificial intelligence app, Harmony. This stand alone app is the first glimpse of what Matt McMullen & co have in mind for sex robot artificial intelligence. The future looks great, for a first version of “sexy AI” the experience is pretty polished. In a short time the […]

  • The Best Virtual Reality Porn Websites – Free and Paid Options virtual reality pleasure

    Virtual Reality Pornography is set to take over the porn industry. More men and women are purchasing VR googles and VR viewing devices everyday, and it’s just a matter of time before their attention turns to porn (we’re all human after all). Top content producers are racing to become the best virtual reality porn destinations, […]

  • Top 5 Sex Machines – 2018 Buyer’s Guide Top 5 Sex Machines 2017

    Updated October 2017 While we wait for the first full-fledged sex robots to hit the market, sex machines are a great substitute that can give you the feel of sex with a real partner.  Also known as fuck machines, these powerful devices can love you for as long and as hard as you want.  There […]