How Much Does A Sex Robot Cost?

sex robot cost

The release of the first ever robotic sex doll ‘Harmony’, in April of this year made headlines around the world and heralded the birth of the robot sex doll revolution. The basic ‘sex doll’ has been around for years, back nin the early 1900’s, painter Oskar Kokoschka famously had a life-sized sex doll made of a woman he was obsessed about. He would bring the doll to parties and other social events, something which caused outrage in turn of the century Viennese society. It was only in recent times that dolls soared in popularity, as the sex accessory industry moved towards a much broader level of mainstream acceptance.

Sex dolls are now part of a $30 billion a year sex toy industry, the growth of which shows no sign of slowing. The robot sex doll is set to become the most desired item produced by the industry, but how much will one of the latest talking robot dolls cost and when will you be able to get hold of one?

Well, let’s start with Harmony, who is “the girl you always dreamed of”, according to her creators. Harmony is a silicone sex robot that uses artificial intelligence to talk with and even learn from her owner. She looks and feels incredibly real, and can have her appearance altered to suit the tastes/mood of her owner. At the purchase stage, buyers can customize her by choosing their preferred hair color, eyes, breasts shape, as well as from 42 nipple and 14 different genitalia options. She is built to please her owner, coming with the promise to only ever make them happy. 

Harmony does, however, come with quite a steep price tag. Abyss Creations, the California company that makes these sex dolls, has said they will cost $15,000 each. This is certainly not cheap, being around the amount that most people spend on their new car. The good news is that Harmony is packed with features that make her the best ever sex doll to date as well as a great companion too.

According to the designers, not only can she organism during sex, but has a whole host of other features that even include her ability to remember your birthday. She will have 18 different  personality traits for owners to choose from that include shy, sensual, talkative, jealous, and moody. Though she is likely to be the first commercially available sex robot ever made, the bad news is that Abyss Creations has announced that it will only make 1,000 dolls that will be sold to select customers only.

Harmony is not the only sex robot under development, however. Numerous other companies in the U.S, Europe, and especially in the Far East are developing their own models that are set to hit the shelves soon. A couple of models to catch the headlines for their realism and innovation are Sexy Samantha, a Spanish sex doll who apparently has a fully functioning G-spot, and Eva, an American sex bot that has been commended for her extremely realistic body. Both these models are rumored to be priced at $15,000 each, and like Harmony come with a range of customization options for buyers to choose from.

Of course, it is inevitable that as soon as the market heats up and an increasing number of companies begin to release their own sex dolls, the price will drop quite significantly. Some estimates have the price of the most basic models of talking sex dolls down below $3,000 within 10 years, though this might be a little wishful thinking as there is almost certainly going to be little to no second-hand market, which is normally a big factor in helping to bring down prices in other industries. Affordable robot sex dolls might not be available for 5 to 10 years, but for those who really want to live out their wildest fantasies with a gorgeous girl who only wants to make them happy, a sex robot like Harmony might be too much to resist paying all that money for.

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