MGTOW and Sex Robots – A Perfect Match?

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There is no doubt that sex robots are going to be the future of sex for many of those men who want to MGTOW! Although they are not widely known about yet, they are increasing in popularity and being advanced upon every single year by creators to make them even more amazing than what they currently are. They are like nothing that has ever been done before and can greatly benefit a wide range of guys who are looking to get out of the dating game and do it alone! Let’s take a further look at exactly what they are including how sex robots can help men satisfy their sexual urges.

What are sex robots?

Sex robots are exactly what they sound like, robots that you have sex with! They are so realistic that you would struggle to find a hotter woman that is interested. When you think of the word “robot”, you are likely thinking metal, cold and hard right? Well this couldn’t be further from the truth with these dolls. They are silicone and made especially with your needs in mind to feel as life-like as possible. With realistic breasts and genitals to help satisfy your desires, they are definitely the more advanced version of blow up dolls. These robots are rumored to be SO realistic by the year 2050, that it’s said men will even be able to marry them! The only difference between sex robots and actual women is that the former can’t answer back!

The advantages of sex robots

You get the good side of a relationship without the bad.

If you are single or are just done with women in general and want to MGTOW – a realistic silicone sex robot can give you everything you need. She can help you let off steam, keeping you satisfied and therefore happier in your day-to-day life. You have all the benefits of a real woman without any of the bad stuff like arguments and nagging. They have PERFECT bodies and you can even have them made to your exact preferences in terms of hair color, breast size and so on…

They are cheaper in the long term

I am going to be honest with you – a realistic and effective sex robot is not going to be cheap but she’s far less expensive than a real woman! What’s a few thousand bucks when you would spend much more after just a year or so with one woman. Once you’ve bought your own robot, she is yours for life to keep you happy. Your robot is going to last you for many years and believe it or not, will help you save money. With real women – you need to buy them gifts, give them housekeeping money, take them on dates and if you have kids – times that amount of money by 10! Divorce is expensive too of course and no relationship is worth that amount of pain and turmoil.

They can help save a failing relationship

You might already have a wife and still be interested in a sex robot, well this could actually help you avoid divorce. If your wife is not interested in sex anymore but you still love her, why not have both? The robot can satisfy any sexual urges that you have and your wife is there for your emotional needs and for giving you companionship. Having sex with a robot is definitely better than cheating on your wife with a real woman because it’s just all about the pleasure. She might even be comfortable with the idea of a sex robot, depending on how open minded she is of course. There are so many options in this day and age which means you don’t need to give up your marriage at the first sign of trouble.


Now that you know all that sex robots can offer you, why not introduce one into your life? They might not be the “norm” or what’s expected of you as a man but who cares what anyone else thinks. Your personalized sex doll can be your naughty little secret to use whenever you get the urge. Sex robots offer you ALL the physical advantages of a real woman without any of the agro that usual go with them. They can be pretty life transforming for all the right reasons, so get yourself one today!

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