Elon Musk – “Sex robots? I think those are quite likely.”

Elon Musk on Sex Robots

Famous billionaire entrepreneur and futurist Elon Musk was recent asked about Sex Robots in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

Sex Robots have been on the mind of Elon lately as his second-wife Talulah Riley played a sexbot in the hit HBO show Westworld.  Despire their separation he made the following comments about her performance, showing his enthusiasm for sexbots:

So it’s obvious that Elon Musk, someone who has certainly considered many future hypotheticals when it comes to robotics and AI, would have considered a future where sex robots are commonplace.  Here is the Vanity Fair article excerpt pertaining to sex robots:

Peter Thiel told me about a friend of his who says that the only reason people tolerate Silicon Valley is that no one there seems to be having any sex or any fun. But there are reports of sex robots on the way that come with apps that can control their moods and even have a pulse. The Valley is skittish when it comes to female sex robots—an obsession in Japan—because of its notoriously male-dominated culture and its much-publicized issues with sexual harassment and discrimination. But when I asked Musk about this, he replied matter-of-factly, “Sex robots? I think those are quite likely.

Wise prediction from a smart man, sex robots are getting ready to shake up the world.  I am sure we will see more though leaders and celebrities opine on this subject as the idea of sex with robots becomes increasingly mainstream.

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