Best Sex Toys For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

long distance relationship

Anyone who has ever had to endure a long distance relationship will tell you just how hard they can be. As time drags on, it gets increasingly hard to maintain the closeness that comes from being able to spend time together and physically interact with your partner. This can lead to all kinds of problems including finding it hard to talk to your partner, loneliness, and even arguments.

Technology has managed to provide couples in long distance relationships with the means to communicate with each other via video calls and other social media, allowing them to keep their partner closer. The real hurdle that still remains when it comes to long-distance relationships is sex. The good news is that technology is now beginning to solve this problem by allowing couples to engage in sexual acts together online while being able to remotely control the devices giving pleasure to their partner.

There are loads of great new products in stores already that can help tear down this last wall and allow you and your loved one to pleasure each other as though you were actually in the room together. To give you a better idea of what is out there, take a look at our list of best sex toys for couples in long distance relationships.

1.    Lovense’s Max and Nora

Designed by the leading adult toy manufacturer Lovense, Max and Nora are two sex aids that allow long-distance couples to have some serious fun together. Max is a high tech male masturbator while Nora is a top of the line rabbit vibrator.

The cool thing about these sex aids is that they are made to be operated remotely, via Bluetooth, by the other person. This means that both parties can decide exactly how much pleasure they want to give their partner and have the power to really turn up the excitement whenever things start getting interesting.

Both toys are designed to give the best possible experience and maximum possible pleasure, and the good news for all you singles out there, they are also sold separately should you wish to buy one.

2.    Vibease Smart Vibrator

For all those excitable women out there who really want to take things to another level, there is the Vibease Smart Vibrator. This naughty sex toy is designed to be used anywhere, and I really do mean anywhere. It slips comfortably into a ladies’ underwear so that she can go about her day, all the time never knowing when her partner will choose to pleasure her remotely.

To add to the whole experience, the Vibease Smart Vibrator incorporates numerous ‘fantasy’ role-plays that are available through the Vibease app on your phone.  Simply click on the fantasy you like most and as the story progresses, the vibrator will change speeds to mimic the action.

3.    LovePalz Twist

This recently released vibrating sex toy offers the unique feature of being able to meet people through the LovePaz club and take control over their LovePalz Twist to pleasure them. The app is modeled after dating sites like Tinder and allows you to meet people you like before deciding to share a sexual experience online, without ever having to meet each other in person.

The design might not be as popular among many women as the rabbit vibrator, but nonetheless, this is a really great way to send and receive pleasure from distant partners. 

4.    Empire LabsClone a Willy/ Clone a Pussy

Believe it or not, there are several companies who sell genital mold kits that allow you to create a perfect replica of your sexual organ. Once you have made a mold of your sexual organ, your partner will be able to use the mold to stimulate themselves during sexual arousal, something which is a great way for them to remember exactly how good you feel in person.

5.    KIIROO Onyx 2 & Pearl Couple Toy

KIIROO are the Apple Inc. of the remotely controlled sex toy industry. They are famed for their innovative products which are jam-packed with features, making them the best pleasure products around. For the lady, there is a powerful vibrator, while for the man, Onyx, a male masturbator.

Not only can each person control their partner’s toy remotely, but the units also automatically sync their movements, meaning that you both receive the same amount of pleasure at the same time. That alone has to be a feature worth buying these for.

6.    Durex Fundawear

For those couples who perhaps don’t feel brave enough to engage in sex acts while online but still want a way to interact in a more fan and intimate way, there is Durex Fundawear. Couples can use an app to transfer a sense of being touched to their partner via the Fundawear underwear.

It might feel a little strange at first, but as soon as you and your partner have gotten used to the sensation, it becomes a really nice way to transmit the feeling of being touched by you, something that your partner is certainly missing. The great thing about Fundawear is that they allow you to tease, tickle and tantalize your partner in ways that will make them feel like you are still there with them.

7.    Lovense Lush and Hush

For more adventurous couples there is Lush and Hush. Lush is a well-designed remote controlled vibrator, while Hush is a vibrating butt plug that can also be controlled by a distant partner. The set can either be a gift for a woman or can be used by both the woman and her partner.

Increasingly, men are using butt plugs to stimulate themselves while they masturbate. With Lush and Hush, both partners can stimulate each other in ways that most other remote sex toys can only dream of.

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