The 10 Best Male Sex Toys On Amazon

Many men are surprised to hear that you can actually find quality sex toys for men on, this is because they are often blocked from appearing in the main search results.  Luckily for you we’ve taken the time to review all the available options and recommend you the top male masturbators on Amazon.

1. 3D Realistic Vagina and Mouth Masturbator with Teeth and Tongue Masturbation Cup

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This 2 in 1 sex toy is designed to resemble a woman’s mouth with a flexible tongue, a set of teeth, and a throat, and a woman’s vagina on the opposite side. The toy possesses a 3D rough and ridged tunnel stimulation with every insertion bringing an unmatched sexual experience. An attractive pair of lips, a set of teeth and a flexible tongue renders the toy capable of giving you a realistic blowjob experience whenever you feel like it.

This 8.26-inch male masturbator is made from comfortable TPE material that is body safe and has a skin-like feeling. Additionally, the toy is easy to clean as it only requires you to run water through the channels with soap. A water-based lubricator is recommended for the best experience.

2. Diana Realistic Vagina Pocket Pussy Built-in Cock Ring Close-Ended Stroker for Man Masturbation

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This waterproof sex toy is made from body safe TPE material and possesses a realistic skin feeling. The pocket pussy is flexible, odor free and has a penis ring that is inbuilt and specially made from soft material which improves the comfortability when using it. The toy is resistant to scratch and highly portable owing to its lightweight.

The fact that Diana Realistic Vagina pocket pussy is waterproof makes it very convenient in that you can take the fun to the pool, the shower or the bathtub; there is simply no limitations with this amazing male masturbator toy. The toy is also small in size and easily fits in your hand which ultimately translates to its ease of use.

3. Utimi Male Masturbation Cup Masturbator for Male Masturbation

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This male masturbation cup is made of body safe TPR material making it odor free. The toy will surely increase the sexual experience with its inscribed convex particles that improve the friction. The toy comes with a simple and detachable water cup that is easy to clean after use.  This realistic male masturbator is 100% waterproof and has a net weight of 16.75 oz. The toy resembles a flashlight with a gorgeous looking shell completed with a diamond pattern.

4. Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

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The Tenga original Vacuum cup is a single-use toy that is pre-lubricated; the toy automatically secretes a lubricant as soon as you insert the penis. Amazing! Right? The toy has a delicate thermoplastic elastomer making it more soft and comfortable to use.

The vacuum cup comes in an hourglass shape that renders it tight with an amazing valve creating a stimulated vacuum for a breathtaking suction sensation. Additionally, the toy has a soft pad insertion technique that offers a smooth and silky insertion with an extra tightness that promotes sexual pleasure and discourages lubricant leakage.

5. Tenga Flip Hole, White

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A unique male masturbator, the Flip Hole opens up into two different halves which provide different sensations to the user. The entrance of the sleeve is covered by the cap with two rails that are attached to each side hold the Flip Hole in position during use. Sliding the cap opens up the two halves of the flip hole. Apply the lubricant and push the two halves back together towards the base aligning the rails together to ensure they slide back into the Flip Hole; the sex toy is now ready for play.

Considering the Flip Hole has two different textured halves, it is possible to flip the toy in between use which improves the sexual pleasure by subjecting the penis to varying sensations. Additionally, the toy has a soft and ridged interior for a maximum sexual experience.

6. 3D Realistic Vagina Pocket Man Masturbation Cup Toy

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This realistic man masturbation toy has a life-like feel with a soft and comfortable interior which promotes tightness with the intense thrusts improving the sexual experience. The human-safe material that the toy is made from complies with the international standards and is ROSH licensed. The small size that perfectly fits the hand makes it easy to use and its detachable interior parts make it easy to clean.

7. Flight by Flesh Light Male Masturbator

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Flight by FleshLight is an elusive and coarse male masturbator which has an aerodynamic exterior, a crafty opening and a rough canal that soars pleasure to amazing heights. Having undergone regular modifications, the Flight by Fresh Light is definitely more tender, more nourishing and more discreet. The internal sheath is transparent and has a non-anatomical crafty opening that is lined with numerous bumps. The bumps provide utmost pleasure with the added advantage of pressure exerted by the cap base.

8. Realistic Male Sex Doll with Inviting Vagina and Anal Opening, Paloqueth sex doll

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This ROHS compliant sex toy is made with human safe TPR material and has two entries which make it one of the most pleasurable sex toys. The sex doll is scrape free and with the right maintenance, the toy can give you some unmatched sexual experience for a long time. The Paloqueth sex doll resembles a model in a bikini bathing suit and attractive tattoos; you cannot resist caressing her light and amazing body. Can you?  This silicone doll has a skin-like feeling which makes it even more appealing and pleasurable. Always use a lubricant on the doll for maximum stimulation.

9. Tracy’s Dog 3D Realistic Mouth Blow Job Stroker Oral Sex Toys Vagina Pocket Pussy with Deep Throat Teeth and Tongue for Masturbation

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This realistic mouth blow sex toy is made of human safe TPE material that has a skin-like feeling which renders it more pleasurable. The sex toy has an amazing pair of lips, soft set of teeth and a flexible tongue; all fashioned to give you a mind-blowing blowjob that feels like that by a human being.  Additionally, the sex toy has a 3D ribbed and textured interior with a stretch material and a stroker which is intended to enhance the blowjob experience. Always use a water-based lube for more amazing experiences.

10. Super Strong Performance Suck Vibrating Oral Electric Pump – Lnabni 3D Realistic Silicone Stamina Enhancement Training Sex Toy

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This sex toy is made of non-toxic and ROHS licensed material that renders it free from bad smell. The detachable parts make it easy to clean. Even more amazing is the special particles that are inscribed in the interior to improve the friction and ultimately heighten the sexual experience. The human-like skin which is soft and comfortable stimulates the sexual sensation with the channel-like shape making it, even more, tighter and pleasurable. The simple and comfortable masturbator cup that fits the palm well makes it easy and enjoyable to use.

Benefits Of Sex Toys For Men

According to research, sex toys have over the years gained popularity as more people are embracing these sexual gods and the isolation that was initially associated with them is slowly fading away. Sex stores are no longer located downtown in dark alleys but are now strategically positioned on the busiest of the streets and on the internet. Recent studies have shown that more women own sex toys as compared to men. However, there is still some level of prickly that is associated with talking about sex toys in public.

Regardless of what motivates you to actually buy one (or a couple), sex toys will definitely mend your deteriorated sex life, provide you an around the clock “partner” and ultimately delivers an amazing sexual experience. Sex toys are amazing! They are flexible and highly elastic which enables you to perform any sexual stunt that you can think off without straining. In fact, sex toys are a sure way of trying out amazing sexual styles and polishing them up before actually trying them with your partner. Tailored in differing shapes and sizes, sex toys are designed to cater for the different tastes and preferences of the market.

After a long day at work all one wants is to come home to a “little heaven”; a refreshing shower, a nice meal, and someone to share with the day’s escapades. Unfortunately, due to varying reasons, getting a person that totally submits to you, one that only wants you and one that will not nag and pester you sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? This, in fact, is the major reason that has made many men go for sex toys seeing that these aid toys are totally submissive and free from emotions or hormonal imbalances. And with the alarming increase in the number of breakups and unsuccessful marriages, sex toys popularity has greatly rocketed among men.

The fact that sex toys are free from emotions and hormonal imbalances make them amazing. How? One would ask. Well, this means that you do not have to worry about their whereabouts and possibilities of lost love. A sex toy is totally tamable and will stick by you forever till you decide to part ways; you basically control the relationship. For those who have gone through devastating experiences such as the death of a partner or a heartbreaking separation, sex toys are just what you need.  According to recent studies, sex toys are therapeutic and will help you accustom yourself to the dating world again and enjoy life as you did before the incident. The sex toy remains untouched and pure until you purchase it and will the right cleaning after use, the sex toy will offer you an unmatched sexual pleasure for a good chunk of time.

Did you know sex toys can spice up your dull marriage? Well, even though the sex toys mostly associated single population, they can also be used to bring back lost intimacy in marriages. Marriage comes with some sort of decline of sex as a priority; sex becomes less exciting, foreplay is regarded not compulsory and the whole lovemaking act becomes boring and predictable. These being a normal cycle in any marriage, coming up with ways to revive the lost energy and making sex amazing again is utterly important. Bringing in a sex toy is definitely a great measure to introduce back sexual pleasure and erotic ecstasy in your marriage.

According to recent studies, men who use sex toys more regularly tend to have a higher self-esteem and confidence in their bodies as compared to those who do not. Amazed? Well, using sex toys comes with a sense of relaxation which greatly relieves headaches and general body pain.  With their increasing popularity, sex toys have a hoard of benefits some of which include the following; 


When it comes to sex, most people do not actually know what they want as well as their limit. Well, the best way to learn of how and what pleasures you enjoy is through self-experimentation and sex toys are undoubtedly the best way to do this. Dissimilar to what most people think, the aim of using a sex toy is not to switch your sexual partner but to learn of the sexual desires with or without your partner. Experimenting with sex toys helps you learn more about your body, learn of what stimulates you. This ultimately ensures that you guide your partner through sex thus improving your sex life.


Sex toys are a great way of inducing life to a dull sex life, inspiring you and your partner to bring out the lewdest sexual fantasies. The toys come in varying shapes and sizes to cater for the different tastes and preferences of the market. The sex toys also allow for performing creative sexual stunts without any discomfort or strain.


With proper choice and use of the right sex toy, one can be sure and confident in pleasing their partner during sex. Having your partner satisfied however extreme and creative their sexual fantasies might be, is a great way to establish and maintain a close and intimate connection. Everyone wants that, right? Having a satisfying sex life is just as important as communication and trust are in a relationship.


According to recent studies, sex relieves you from stress and anxiety and thus using sex toys during sex is greatly beneficial as it helps you reach orgasm faster resulting in a more sensational and relaxing feeling.

Having gone through some of the benefits of sex toys in improving one’s sex life, we will look at 10 male sex toys on the market.


To sum it up, there are numerous sex toys for men and with their growing popularity, it is no longer a taboo to use or talk about them in public. Attitude change and realization that sharing the information on sex toys is important has greatly inspired the topic that was once seen as a taboo. These pleasure toys have numerous benefits both to the single and married individuals, so whatever you might be experiencing look around for the toy that matches your needs and go for it.

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